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Boris Carranza, currently known as BI-CI-EN, is a Barcelona-born disc jockey and producer. Since very young, he was very curious about electronic music. We could say that the electronic side began when he was playing at home with a cassette radio and an old-fashioned answering machine. One of the characteristics that is known from him is that he distributed recorded tapes to classmates, with only 14 years old. In his school period they called him dj Anxious, because of how impatient he was to continue experimenting with his first musical sessions. Over the years, he has sharpened his sensory senses and also his instinct for rhythm in differentiating what is called quality music.

In the dj sets presented you can really clearly see a style focused on professionalism and seriousness but at the same time dynamic and cheerful, and a search for perfection and union with the public. In short, an all in one. 

His work focuses on rhythm and deep melody, with powerful bass, managing to keep the energy levels of the audience high and offering a high quality dance floor. Not only does it focus on one style, its strands range from the deepest melodic and tropical sound to electrifying techno music.

His debut as a producer was with Sonambulos Music. But really, he went one step further in his productions with Stickr Sounds, a Dutch record label that showed great interest in BI-CI-EN, who bet on his talent with a first EP called “REMINISCENCE / PROTECT YOUR MIND” thus reaching the number 11 position of Beatport in new Melodic House & Techno releases. Currently ,they remain as the best sellers of the label itself. With a tireless motivation in production and love for music, the artist has continued to release new songs that have entered the Beatport Hype Top 100 (the most prestigious list in the world).His productions were immediately appreaciated and soon another  label like Mazzinga Records will publish one of their latest albums called “VOICES”, demonstrating their consolidation as a great producer. 

BI-CI-EN has managed to flow with his ideas and has developed his own imprint: Pass on Story. It really shows a whole level of musical expression, and a wonderful journey through mind, body and soul.

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Behind the music

BI-CI-EN grew up listening to a variety of musicians and genres that have influenced the formation of its characteristic sound. Now, as a respected professional musician, he aims to offer something different and unique to his fans by creating and sharing original music.

For some, music is just a way to release some energy, but for BI-CI-EN it is much more than that: it is a way of life. Explore the site to learn more about his career.

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